World’s only 1-click access to DRAF of a case law!

(Decision, Reasoning, Arguments & Facts)

ISearch Search

Not all legal search engines are created equal - Information retrieval made easy

For years, lawyers have been stuck with antiquated tools that focus primarily on Boolean search. Better tools are needed to truly understand data.

iSearch gives you a refreshing outcome by providing relevant results (results you are actually interested in), uncluttered with a user-friendly interface. The auto complete feature suggests the most relevant document from the Statutes, Case Laws, Regulations and Templates based on legal taxonomy for efficient, relevant and accurate results.

Legal search engine to find most relevant case law, statute or regulation
Find treatment of the sc case judgements for your legal research.

IGraphics Graphics

A picture is intelligence made visible

Instead of wading through piles of paper, lawyers now deal with terabytes of data and millions of documents.

Experts have proven that visuals have a positive impact on the human mind for learning and memorising.

iGraphics saves your time by condensing the treatment of overruled, distinguished, followed and relied case laws into a single canvas for easy reference and understanding.


Deliver beyond expectations

iDRAF stands for “Decision Reasoning Arguments Facts” of a Case Law. This tool uses our proprietary algorithm to cull out the iDRAF of Supreme Court Judgements with 1-click.

It’s a unique & reliable tool created to save your valuable time.

How to find supreme court judgements for case law search

Legal researchers love LegitQuest

LegitQuest seems to be a one of its kind Legal Research engine with features like iDRAF and IGraphics. It helped me find out relevant cases with just One Click to reach to the Reasoning and decision of the case. A feature like iDraf has helped me save a lot of time while analysing a case.

Rahul Sinha Roy

Assistant Professor, LLoyd law College
Faculty Member, Commonwealth Institute for Justice, Education and Research

LegitQuest is sure to transform and revolutionise the way Judges, Attorneys, law students, professors, researchers and scholars do legal research.

Pratyush Kumar

Research Associate - NLU, Delhi
LLM, The George Washington University Law School, US